If you own a damaged, chipped, or old bathtub, there are more advantages to have it refinished or fixed—more than its appearance. If you want to get some ideas about how the bathtub refinishing approach can benefit your efficiency, cost, and health, check out the following items below: 

Prolongs your tub’s life 

A refinished bathroom fixture can last for years—perhaps more than what you expect for a damaged or chipped fixture. Given that it is maintained properly, the outcomes of a usual refinish job done by the experts can last from 10-15 years. Keep in mind not to use scrubbing pads, abrasive cleaners, and bathmats.  


Nowadays, everybody is doing their part to promote the green movement. One of the great ways of reducing your carbon footprint is to refinish your tub. Because you are consciously opting to refuse to install a new tub and dispose of if your old one in a landfill, that is a decision that can reduce your impact on the environment that can help you save money and the environment as well. It’s definitely a win-win situation.  

Protect against lead in old tubs 

Research has shown that a lot of pre-1984 porcelain tubs may have toxic and hazardous lead levels. This is a serious problem for you and your family’s health. A great bathroom service provider can provide a cost-saving, effective, and safe substitute to a total replacement to stop any lead from affecting all of your family members.  

Provide new life to your bath features 

You don’t need any reasons to let inefficient, stained, and dull fixtures ruin the appeal of your bathroom. Bathroom contractors can reglaze your counters, vanity, and old sink with a new finish. This along can help you save a lot more bucks over the replacement cost. Without spending too much, you can still get a similar effect as you would with new fixtures. A decent service provider can simply fix scratches, chips, and stains on several areas of your bathroom suite in less than one day, which will leave you satisfied with the completed outcome.  

More budget-friendly than a total bathtub replacement 

A new tub’s overall cost is not just about the purchase price. To entirely grasp a brand-new bathtub’s total cost, you need to take the cost of the plumber and the surrounding replacement into consideration, which is the most expensive and one of the vital parts of the process. Once your tub looks grubby even after you clean it, or has particular chips, cracks, and stains, not all is a lot. Reach out to you’re a trusted company that offers bathtub refinishing services Orlando for an accurate estimate. Repairs and refinishing are considerably a more cost-effective decision compared to totally replacing it. With this, you can definitely save your money and time. Decent service providers won’t do an expensive and extensive refinishing job if it’s not really necessary. A simple repair will do the trick. If you’re prepared to improve your bathroom and repair your problematic tub, contact us today.