Why Must You Install a Walk-In-Tub?

Are you still undecided about whether to use a bathtub installation in Longmont to install a walk-in tub in your bathroom? If so, check out the following reasons that may persuade you to do so: 

Can Help keep bathroom users’ independence 

One of the best things about having a walk-in tub is that it’s been intended for people who need specialized items especially those with mobility issues. Taking a bath can be too much particularly for those who can’t move. This can have a particular effect on the dignity and privacy of a person. But if you choose to switch to a walk-in-tub, a person can easily take a bath on their own without any assistance since they don’t actually require someone to carry them over and be placed into the tub. With this, those individuals suffering from mobility issues can gain satisfaction and confidence in the things that they can do by themselves.  

More convenient as you take a shower 

If you use a walk-in tub, you can take advantage of the benefits that it can offer. After a stressful, long, and hectic day at work, a warm bath is highly necessary. However, getting over into the tub can be bothersome no matter what status you have. If you resort to installing a walk-in tub, you won’t have to be concerned about this problem since if you use this kind of tub, you can easily open its front wall, you’ll get speed drain, and grab bars. Not to mention, you’ll get a seat where you can relax as you groom yourself.  

Ideal for hydrotherapy 

A walk-in-tub is extremely helpful since people with mobility problems can utilize them for exercises that can promote enhancing their condition. Using water can help reduce the pain. In fact, this medical concept is already proven and tested, which has been applied for ages. You can consider having your walk-in-tub configured with advanced technology, such as therapeutic air and whirlpool jets. Through the mixture of buoyancy, heat, and massage, it helps people to ease away their aches and pains due to joint problems like arthritis, promote their overall health, and fortify their immunity. Moreover, hydrotherapy can help make a person feel a lot better, enhances mood, and tones down depression.  

Avoids accidents while bathing 

Falls and slips can usually happen in bathrooms, particularly with elders. Installing a walk-in-tubs can help avoid such accidents since they have safety features, which can help in reducing the chances of accidents to happen. A walk-in-tub normally have doors, enabling easy access to the bathtub, non-slip surfaces, comfy safety seats, and hand-held shower—all of these can aid in minimizing the possibility of slips especially with wet floors.  

Give a great bathing experience 

A lot of walk-in-tubs are simple to install and don’t really need to remodel your whole bathroom. Actually, you can have them installed within just one day and find out that it perfectly fits in your current bathroom. This type of tubs is made with efficiency in mind, which can help people to safely bathe while promoting a gracious way of living in the comfort of their own homes. 

Typical Roofing Mistakes

Installing a new roofing Grand Junction onto a house can be costly for property owners, yet very essential for houses. But a roofing job that’s characterized by amateur or shoddy workmanship can result in higher expenses over time. `Below are the most typical roofing mistakes that must be avoided and corrected if necessary.  

Incorrect shingle overhang 

The shingle’s edge must hang over a roof between 1 in. and 1 ½ in.—or between 3/4 inc. and ½ in. once drip edge flashing is installed. If you excessively overhang this, the shingles can potentially blow off in high winds. But, too little can let water penetrate into fascia boards or rake.  

Misaligning the shingles 

This is probably the simplest way to determine a subpar roofing work. When the three-tab shingles’ cutouts aren’t vertical or/and the butted joints are not on the similar horizontal plane, the shingles are misaligned.  

Not letting attics or ceilings to vent 

As you lay down roofing shingles, it’s vital to guarantee that air can escape from ceilings and attics. Or else, moisture can eventually accumulate, which can cause the shingle material to prematurely weaken.  

Not planning for ice dams 

When you’re living in a cold climate, ice dams can force water below the shingled as it forms at the roofline. This usually happens when the roof is not sufficiently insulated. Stop this by putting down an underlayer in the roofing for approximately 3 ft. or more to add more protection layer against melting ice water.  

Valley flashing is not installed properly 

Other amateur contractors or roofers incorrectly install the valley flashing itself. The flashing needs to be layered below the singles rather than layered on top of them. Moreover, the metal’s U-shape must face the valley. Or else, the water may run where it is not supposed to, causing the flashing or shingle to deteriorate faster.  

Valley flashing is not secured enough 

Roof valleys are the spots on roof that are most susceptible to leaks since they deal with a massive runoff water volume. Once you install a metal flashing in roof valleys, failing to secure materials or use sufficient sealant can be enough reasons why buckling happens, which results in water leaks.  

Improper nail use 

If shingles are not properly nailed or when too few nails have been utilized, shingles tend to slip down. You need to utilize at least 4 nails every shingles and raise that for at least 6 on roofing that has steep grades.  

Improper slope 

Selecting materials that do not match the roofing’s slope will only leave a house prone to water penetration. For example, a slope of at least 4 units of rise per 12 units of run is highly suggested when you’re planning to install shakes, tile shingles, wood, and asphalt.  

Incorrect installation of starter shingles 

A lot of DIY enthusiasts commit this mistake even before they have started. It’s important to install a “starter” shingles section along the eaves. Or else, water will reach into the sheathing below the cutouts of the bottom shingles. 

Reasons to Consider Bathtub Refinishing

If you own a damaged, chipped, or old bathtub, there are more advantages to have it refinished or fixed—more than its appearance. If you want to get some ideas about how the bathtub refinishing approach can benefit your efficiency, cost, and health, check out the following items below: 

Prolongs your tub’s life 

A refinished bathroom fixture can last for years—perhaps more than what you expect for a damaged or chipped fixture. Given that it is maintained properly, the outcomes of a usual refinish job done by the experts can last from 10-15 years. Keep in mind not to use scrubbing pads, abrasive cleaners, and bathmats.  


Nowadays, everybody is doing their part to promote the green movement. One of the great ways of reducing your carbon footprint is to refinish your tub. Because you are consciously opting to refuse to install a new tub and dispose of if your old one in a landfill, that is a decision that can reduce your impact on the environment that can help you save money and the environment as well. It’s definitely a win-win situation.  

Protect against lead in old tubs 

Research has shown that a lot of pre-1984 porcelain tubs may have toxic and hazardous lead levels. This is a serious problem for you and your family’s health. A great bathroom service provider can provide a cost-saving, effective, and safe substitute to a total replacement to stop any lead from affecting all of your family members.  

Provide new life to your bath features 

You don’t need any reasons to let inefficient, stained, and dull fixtures ruin the appeal of your bathroom. Bathroom contractors can reglaze your counters, vanity, and old sink with a new finish. This along can help you save a lot more bucks over the replacement cost. Without spending too much, you can still get a similar effect as you would with new fixtures. A decent service provider can simply fix scratches, chips, and stains on several areas of your bathroom suite in less than one day, which will leave you satisfied with the completed outcome.  

More budget-friendly than a total bathtub replacement 

A new tub’s overall cost is not just about the purchase price. To entirely grasp a brand-new bathtub’s total cost, you need to take the cost of the plumber and the surrounding replacement into consideration, which is the most expensive and one of the vital parts of the process. Once your tub looks grubby even after you clean it, or has particular chips, cracks, and stains, not all is a lot. Reach out to you’re a trusted company that offers bathtub refinishing services Orlando for an accurate estimate. Repairs and refinishing are considerably a more cost-effective decision compared to totally replacing it. With this, you can definitely save your money and time. Decent service providers won’t do an expensive and extensive refinishing job if it’s not really necessary. A simple repair will do the trick. If you’re prepared to improve your bathroom and repair your problematic tub, contact us today. 

Bad Cleaning Practices You Should Stop Doing

All of us are guilty of committing cleaning mistakes. Even if some of these may seem silly or even simple, they can actually cause our effort to be ineffective and just add hours to our cleaning time. It is vital to learn from our errors. Because of this, the?expert house cleaners in Park City?will be showing you a few typical bad cleaning practices that we need to break: 

Depending on bleach 

Bleach has become one of the staples in our household even before we were born. However, bleach is not a good cleaner as we once believed. Apart from that, bleach is extremely harsh, which can result in damage around the house. These reasons should be enough to not use bleach the next time you start your spring cleaning session. Rather, it would be safer to just use DIY natural cleaning solutions for gentler yet effective cleaning power.? 

Dirty cleaning tools 

This may seem like a basic tip, but we can admit that we have been doing this mistake sometimes. It’s only reasonable to not wipe a cloth that’s already soiled to our stive top, right? This habit is not just ineffective, you can risk cross-contamination as well by spreading bacteria and germs. After using your cleaning tools, make sure to clean them and remove all of its bacteria, germs, and dirt. This way you can readily use it for your following cleaning session.? 

Not following product instructions 

You can easily fail your cleaning session by not reading the label and instructions indicated on the product. Most of the time, manufacturers will give tips and suggestions about where the products must be used, how much you need, and how to utilize the product. Hence, when it indicates 1 cap of detergent for 1 load of clothes, then do not put in 2-3 capful of detergent believing that it’ll be more effective. You just need to adhere to the product instructions. This is also applicable to cleaning tools. A user should be mindful of the instructions from the manufacturer to prevent injury, electrocution, or even death.? 

Applying a lot of product 

One of the common mistakes we do while cleaning is putting in too many products. For instance, washing a load of clothes and knowing that you throw in excessive detergent only means that you have to rewash the clothes to eliminate the excess detergent. This is also applicable to wooden floors. Sometimes, we have a tendency to wax them a lot since we want them to shine even more. However, thee more wax is accumulated on the wood, the duller the floor will be.? 

Directly using harsh products 

Sometimes, we get lazy as we think that harsher cleaning products are just similar to more effective cleaning products. But in reality, a lot of commercial cleaning products can detrimental to your health and the environment. A lot of cleaning situations can be dealt with with natural cleaning solutions by making it yourself, which are safe to use and eco-friendly.? 

Ideas You Can Use as You Construct Your Custom House

One of the exciting parts of building your custom is the beginning phase. Deciding on what your needs and wants are, planning the features, and piecing them all together with your trusted general contractor in Melbourne can be taxing, but ultimately fun and rewarding. But, when you still need some kind of inspiration or ideas, check out the following ideas you can consider as you construct your custom home: 

Custom media room 

A lot of people love to binge-watch their favorite HBO, Netflix, or TV series. If you’re one of them, why not think about getting a custom home theatre or custom media room in your new custom home? Collaborate with your contractor to design a comfortable and ideal media room with comfy media seats, a projector screen, a huge television, surround sound, and even a food and fridge area to easily access snacks.  

A unique staircase 

A nice and distinct can change a usual custom house into a work of art. Regardless if you’re aiming to achieve a more modern, trendy, elegant feel, or luxurious look, a unique staircase can become an eye-catching feature. You can actually use materials like wood, metals, glass, or anything you can think of. If you have this kind of staircase, then rest assured that it will be an eye-catching feature in your custom home. You can consult with your architect or contractor about this and ask for some ideas about what they can come up with. 

Customized bar area 

If you’re the type who loves having guests to come over and entertaining them, then you can think about constructing a custom bar within your customized house. Consider to include features like lighting and shelves to display glasses and bottles, a separate granite countertop with a deep sink, wine racks, and more.  

A finished basement 

Once you have a finished basement, you can utilize this area for a lot of various functions—a man-cave, a guest room, a playroom, a separate suite, an additional living area, or anything else that you can imagine. Apart from that, a finished basement can significantly help boost the value of your home once you decide to put it on the market.  

Your dream kitchen 

In every home, one of the most vital rooms would include the kitchen. Moreover, this part of the house is definitely one of the major selling aspects as you decide to sell your house. If you’re planning to splurge on only 1 room, think about using it for your kitchen and achieve the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.  

Constructing a custom house is certainly rewarding at the end. With this, you won’t just obtain what you want to have in a house, but you can also get the space you need in a home, the best home flow, and everything that will be suitable for you and your family’s needs. But, make sure to entrust this project to the expert architects and general contractors in town to ensure quality output.