One of the exciting parts of building your custom is the beginning phase. Deciding on what your needs and wants are, planning the features, and piecing them all together with your trusted general contractor in Melbourne can be taxing, but ultimately fun and rewarding. But, when you still need some kind of inspiration or ideas, check out the following ideas you can consider as you construct your custom home: 

Custom media room 

A lot of people love to binge-watch their favorite HBO, Netflix, or TV series. If you’re one of them, why not think about getting a custom home theatre or custom media room in your new custom home? Collaborate with your contractor to design a comfortable and ideal media room with comfy media seats, a projector screen, a huge television, surround sound, and even a food and fridge area to easily access snacks.  

A unique staircase 

A nice and distinct can change a usual custom house into a work of art. Regardless if you’re aiming to achieve a more modern, trendy, elegant feel, or luxurious look, a unique staircase can become an eye-catching feature. You can actually use materials like wood, metals, glass, or anything you can think of. If you have this kind of staircase, then rest assured that it will be an eye-catching feature in your custom home. You can consult with your architect or contractor about this and ask for some ideas about what they can come up with. 

Customized bar area 

If you’re the type who loves having guests to come over and entertaining them, then you can think about constructing a custom bar within your customized house. Consider to include features like lighting and shelves to display glasses and bottles, a separate granite countertop with a deep sink, wine racks, and more.  

A finished basement 

Once you have a finished basement, you can utilize this area for a lot of various functions—a man-cave, a guest room, a playroom, a separate suite, an additional living area, or anything else that you can imagine. Apart from that, a finished basement can significantly help boost the value of your home once you decide to put it on the market.  

Your dream kitchen 

In every home, one of the most vital rooms would include the kitchen. Moreover, this part of the house is definitely one of the major selling aspects as you decide to sell your house. If you’re planning to splurge on only 1 room, think about using it for your kitchen and achieve the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of.  

Constructing a custom house is certainly rewarding at the end. With this, you won’t just obtain what you want to have in a house, but you can also get the space you need in a home, the best home flow, and everything that will be suitable for you and your family’s needs. But, make sure to entrust this project to the expert architects and general contractors in town to ensure quality output.